Built heritage is a unique and valuable resource, but one that is under-valued and under threat. The Heritage Project approaches built heritage both as the subject of research and the means of promoting societal benefit. By developing our understanding of built heritage, and engaging new audiences, it will enhance social integration, increase access and participation, support heritage partners and grow local economies.

The Heritage Project is founded upon collaboration – inter-institutional, interdisciplinary and international. Crucially, it engages with the agendas and priorities of its partners in the heritage sector, building in cross-sector collaboration from the outset to deliver real societal benefits. The Heritage Project is a reciprocal exercise based on a vision of a co-operative enterprise in which all parties learn from each other. For more details, check out our project video here.

This website provides details of our growing membership, our network of historic buildings and sites in Northern Ireland and current research projects. The blog posts are contributed by our members and report on heritage news and activities across the region.

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