Student Internships

Abandoned homestead

Internships with a wide range of public history and heritage organisations and properties are offered to students taking the Public History Internship module of the MA in History at Queen’s University Belfast.

The internships, which last for about 14 days over the course of the Spring semester, offer valuable insight in to the opportunities and challenges involved in presenting history to public audiences and provide students with hands-on experience of working in this field. Round-table discussions, workshops and field trips provide opportunities for students and people working in heritage bodies, museums, archives and historic houses to meet and discuss issues in an informal environment.

Organisations offering internships range from large public bodies such as PRONI and the Ulster Museum, through organisations such as Titanic Foundation or the Servite Priory, Benburb, to privately-owned houses including Blessingbourne. A full list of internship opportunities can be found here.

In these pages you can find out about our current interns and the work they are doing across Northern Ireland. ‘Where they are now‘ features past interns who have moved on to roles within the heritage sector. Find out more about the MA programme here.

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